Our Services

BIM Modelling

  • Build BIM Models from 2D CAD design drawings
  • Convert paper as-built drawings to BIM Models for A&A or FM works
  • Verify the accuracy of as-built drawings by building surveyor or 3D scan
  • Superimpose new construction to Models
  • Prepare combined services drawings
  • By coaching or outsourcing

Clash Analysis

  • All clashes spotted during conversion will be reported
  • Discrepancies between as-built and existing installations reported
  • Initial clash reports prepared to screen out obvious clashes
  • Detailed clash analysis by Navisworks
  • Coordinate MEP to resolved clashes

Project Scheduling and Construction Sequecing

  • Create 3D Image
  • Create Animation for presentation to clients
  • Create Animation for workable and safe construction method
  • Link with MS Project or P6 or custom created Timeline by Navisworks

3D Scanning and Facility Management

  • Use of 3D Laser Scanner to collect point cloud data
  • Use of Hybrid Model for construction planning
  • Convert to Revit Model for design
  • Convert to Solid Model for 3D printing
  • Link product catalogue, approval, testing & commissioning records, O&M manuals to as-built models.

Our Products

Worker Management Cloud

Workers Management Cloud System

Too many workers? Too many activites? Too heavy workloads? Our automation solution could help you ...

  • Cut 80% staff's workloads.
  • Print daily job sheets / worker attendance form with QR-Codes.
  • Feed whole set of sheets into copier with single scanning.
  • Our program automatic scan & analysis the sheets within 1 min.
  • Our program updates the cloud database automatically.
  • Check worker data anytime via your mobile to scan the QR-code.
  • Fully leverage Amazon EC2 Cloud